Sunday 8 March 2015

Roo is on the loose.

Watch out everyone, there's a Roo on the loose.

So late last night, Dean and I released our endless runner game "ROO" to an unsuspecting Google Play store. The world held it's breath as the app went from pending to published and then continued to breath normally, as it had done previously - oblivious to the event which had occurred. Apparently it wasn't the world holding it's breath, it was us.

The next morning with the world much in the same state as it was the night before, I worked on a patch to correct some defects in the achievement award system and to fix a scenario where Roo could fall into a ravine and not die. I uploaded the patch, went to my phone to get the update and...  no update!

Eek! Google informed me on the screen that the update is pending and could take several hours; Which got me wondering.. what happens if the update is urgent? I'm guessing that this delay is partly down to whatever CDN system they have to support the world's app demands and partly as a measure to ensure that developers go through the alpha, beta and prod development cycles - only promoting to the next level when the testing merits it - which is fair enough.

Eventually, the update became available and I felt confident enough to tell people about the game. The last thing I wanted was that people downloaded the game to their device only to find that it didn't work for them. Thankfully it works well on everything it's come across so far.

After making the public announcement, the installs began to trickle in. Hopefully, this will enable us to put more time into the game later on because nothing tells a developer that their time is well spent updating something than happy customers telling them so.

We've had some feedback too about the game and the gameplay, all of it useful.

However I'm going to hold off implementing any feedback for the time being though, it's far too tempting to dive right in and make changes quickly without first considering how it will impact the game. It carries a massive risk of changing something which alters the fun. I could end up making it a less fun experience while trying to improve something.

So far the word is that the game is fun and addictive, I'm going to leave it there.. and in any case, someone's getting close to beating my score - I can't have that now can I? :-D

Good old Roo! Click his little face to get the game :-)

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