Tuesday 1 July 2014

Make Games In A Month, 12 games a year.

Admit it,

everyone who loves games has at least one idea for one.
There are more tools around to assist the game developer in the realization of their game than ever before. 

The problem with the tools being so readily available and technology so accessible, is the ideas become less of a "If only I could do X" and more of a "I could totally make X", unfortunately X is a large scale project.

The problem isn't enthusiasm. It's not dedication, It's ambition.

It's the hungry child at a buffet who fills his plate completely and cannot eat it all.
If only there was some way in which the game developer could keep his/her ambition in check while enabling them to make something special that they'll be proud of.

There are a couple of initiatives to assist with this. 

One Game a Month
Which offers the personal challenge free from rules to make a game a month to the developer and offers a place to show their progress. 
It's down to the developer to get on with things. 
It's a very popular movement and it solves a very real need. Check it out.

Game In A Month
This site has a strict set of rules to follow to teach good practices. 
It is very strict though, any breach of the rules will result in a restart.
It is not policed however, the dedication to work within the rules is on the developer alone. 
There is no gallery of games at present. Merely the tools you need to create within a framework.

Which suits you best?
Are you a totally creative person who needs to be free to make what they need without rules?

Or are you a determined creative person who tends to get carried away and go off on a tangent and needs something to help?

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